Our Clients

CPM supports us with a wide range of tasks around our photofinishing solutions in the retail environment. Since 2008 the agency provides the highest quality when it comes to reliability, flexibility, implementation, solution finding and insights. CPM gives Hewlett-Packard a voice in retail on which we can fully count on! They form a substantial added value as an agile, pro active and highly supportive partner.
During the CaseMakers 350M roll-out - used to create a personalized photobookcover – CPM Germany offered a valuable support in managing 1.400 drug stores. We are especially appreciative of their flexibility and unlimited internal and field forces ressources. We strongly recommend CPM as a professionally experienced and competent training provider. We look forward to more.
CPM sales reps identify and love the brand as if they were our very own employees. Their commitment is out of the ordinary!
CPM has been our preferred and reliable partner in setting up a team of external employees for years.The teams are operating on a very high professional level and partly as a result of this Heineken became the undisputed number 1 in the Field Sales Force Of The Year competition in 2013.
Excellent staffing in all service areas, great expertise and quality through continuity in client teams